Addictive Cookies!

I just wanted to let you know that my horses go crazy over your cookies! With other treats, they appreciate the goodie but seem satisfied when I show them I have no more. However, when I distribute your cookies, they will follow me around hoping that maybe I might have some more even after I clearly have none left. If a horse returns to the herd after being given some of your cookies, the others will seek me out to see if some are coming their way, too. They don't do this with any other treats. They absolutely LOVE your cookies!


 - Claire H.



He’s Definitely a Glutton for Mrs. Pastures!

My husband Tim and I had purchased a large bag of Mrs. Pastures treats and were using the bag to refill the smaller plastic jug to take out to the barn.  We got home from a Europe trip and found the bag in the garage exactly where we had left it – but totally empty!  My husband discovered a small hole in the bottom corner of the bag, which led us to believe a mouse or squirrel had gotten into it.  Obviously, horses aren’t the only ones who love Mrs. Pastures!


We didn’t see any sign of the treats or of the culprit so it was a real mystery.  The next day, we were in our Suburban and heard a strange rattling noise that concerned us so Tim took the truck to the dealer to see what was going on. He soon got a call from the service rep, who said there were bunches of “little cakes” piled all around the edges of the engine compartment!  The mechanics painstakingly removed them and, upon Tim’s request, bagged them up to return to us.


We got most of the bag back but were wondering what happened to the remainder – again, no sign of the culprit. Months later, when we took our sedan into the dealer for its regular service, the mechanics there found the rest of the stash in its engine compartment. Whatever creature had stolen the treats had tucked them away for the winter using both our vehicles and was going to be sorely disappointed to discover that we had found his cache – but our horses were very glad we did!


I’ve attached a couple of pictures of the purebred Arabian show horse that we bred and raised, HMR Must Be Aflame.  He’s definitely a glutton for Mrs. Pastures!


-Casey B



Mrs. Pastures Treats are My Horses FAVORITE Type of Treat.

And when I say favorite I mean favorite. As soon as he gets a whiff of one he upturns his lip. He loves the treats year round but he especially loves it when he gets extra treats around Christmas time. I'd love to send you all some pictures so please let me know how I can do that! Thank you for making my horse a happy boy!!


-Lucy S.


Picky Dunlavins Token Loves His Cookies!

I just wanted to share a little bit about myself and my horse, I grew up in Clayton California and currently have a training and sales business in North Carolina. My wife and I both ride professionally and love your horse cookies! Recently i competed at the Rolex Kentucky Three Day event on my horse Dunlavins Token, he is an extremely eccentric personality with an even pickier palate! In the 11 years that we have owned him he is very partial to your Ms Pastures treats and he turns his nose up at anything but. I just wanted to reach out and let you know we love your products and so do our horses!


Thanks - Bobby M.


Our Pony Loves Mrs. Pastures Cookies!

Thought you might like this photo.  Our Arabian horse, AAA Legend of the Seas LOVES Mrs. Pastures cookies.  When I crinkle the bag and he hears it his ears perk up.  Yesterday we untacked him and wanted to see what he would do.  He put his muzzle right into the bag! Legend is 11 years old, does Dressage, Sport Horse and is a fabulous jumper.  He is owned by my granddaughter (and me), 12 year old Kobe Pielow.


- Sari B.


My Horse, Katie, is Powering Through Some Desensitization.

Your cookies make her do anything we ask- it is her comfort food! The other riders at the barn laugh at how she will pretty much light right up when she sees her cookie container come out. Thank you for making a product she loves and we love to give her.


- Carrie


Kentucky Derby and Preakness Winner Got Hooked on The Cookies Through His Mom, Love The Chase

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Wednesday, May 21, 2014

BY Jerry Bossert

The Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner is a fan of Mrs. Pastures’ Cookies for Horses.

“He loves them,” said assistant trainer Alan Sherman of the cookies that are made of oats, wheat bran, cane molasses, rolled barley, fresh apples and water.

California Chrome got hooked on the cookies through him mom Love The Chase, who supposedly spit every snack out available including carrots until one day when co-owner Steve Coburn found the cookies.

Still, Chrome’s camp is not taking any chances. He trains at the same time every day, unless the weather does not cooperate, and he eats the same thing: two quarts of Hallway feed, a mixture of oats and sweet feed, in the morning and four quarts at night. He is treated to Mrs. Pastures cookies for horses by his owners, but only on the day before and after a race.

“He runs for those cookies,” Coburn said.


Ruger and Savannah - Lifelong Fans

They have been eating Mrs Pastures cookies their entire lives. They absolutely love them. Ruger even smiles when he thinks he is getting one. It's a beautiful thing. I have tried to offer them alternatives but they will not accept them. Thank you for your wonderful cookies.


-Mike Brame 


My Horses Love Mrs. Pastures Cookies.

I really love that they are made with very few ingredients and are all natural.  And best of all they don't crumble in my pocket!  Lately, I have been using the cookies to help refine my trailer loading technique with one of my horses, Takota.  Mrs. Pastures cookies work great as a reward for him when he is calm and relaxed in the trailer.  


Thanks -SK Pinguet,  2 Star Parelli Professional 


Best Cookies Ever!

I rescued a mare with a hurt foal from the Oklahoma kill pen and the mare was untouchable. I was able to rehab the foal just fine, but the only way I won over the mare was with your cookies. They are the only cookies she will eat and now she begs for them. Thanks to your cookies she trusts me enough to handle her. Thanks for your cookies.


- Terri B.  


I Wanted to Share How Mrs. Pastures Cookies Helped Save a Horses Life Last Weekend. 

There is a large draft type horse here that had been scheduled to be put down in 3 weeks because of continued lameness.  He had special shoes put on with a vet blocking the digital nerves with shots so the horse could stand on one foot while other was lifted and worked on.  The problem now was that with the toes grown longer, the shoes were making the horse hyper extend the suspensory ligament and become even worse with bowed tendons.  Only chance was to get shoes off, but vet was out of state.  We tried lidocaine/novacaine poured over the hair on legs but when we tried to life one front foot he would buckle the other knee and go down.  So in desperation I got all the Mrs. Pastures cookies I had left and we tried again.  This time he wanted the cookies so badly he stayed standing as I fed him one after the other.  It worked for other foot, too.  So he no longer has to be put down!!!  Still lame but getting better.  He wouldn’t have been able to do it if the cookies weren’t so good that he’d stand the pain for them!  How’s that for a testimonial.  Pretty unusual for a treat to save a horse’s life!  Thanks!   Let me know how I can get some more.




Better Than All The Rest

Who ever said you can't buy love never tried Mrs. Pastures Horse Cookies.  I greet each new horse at the ranch with one of these cookies, and they all love me.  My horse does tricks, and these treats are a great motivator.  They don't crumble in your pockets either.  After 15 years, I cannot imagine a horse life without Mrs. Pastures. 5 out of 5 stars.




Dexter Cows Beg for Cookies

I've used these cookies now for about a year. Not only do my horses love them but so do my cows. Yes, that's right, cows. They will come and nose around the pocket I keep them in just begging for a cookie. I really like the no crumble feature since I keep them in my jacket pocket. 5 out of 5 stars.




Delicious Treats

These are by far, my horse’s favorite treats! I usually buy the 50-pound refill size. I also like the fact that they don't crumble in your pocket. 5 out of 5 stars.




Horse Treats

I have ordered from Valley Vet several times and they are always timely in getting the product to me. The product arrived in great condition and the horses absolutely enjoy them. 5 out of 5 stars.




My Horses Say 'Thanks'...

My two QH absolutely love these cookies, so being able to buy them in a larger more economical size is great for us all. 4 out of 5 stars.




Best Cookies

The best horse cookies ever. My horse Teddy can't stand still until I open the container and I think he would rather eat Mrs. Pastures cookies than anything else. He also doesn't like any treats other than these. It's a winner...   

-D. Gurriell